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alexander-hamilton-portrait-john-trumbull.jpgBriefly, I hope: it hit me on the way home from work tonight that I never actually said anything about how we found Wicked.  We sort of got our tickets by accident; I thought the show was in town for a much longer run and randomly remarked to my wife that I wouldn’t mind going, and before I knew it we had tickets to the show’s last night, which was last Friday.  It was here for something like a two-week run.

I was quite pleased with it.  Showing up in a green shirt with a black tie was a happy coincidence, but I didn’t mind that I’d accidentally marked myself as a fan, because by the end of the show I was.  I’d have preferred slightly better seats; the Morris Civic Auditorium doesn’t really have any bad seats, per se, and we were in the front row of our balcony, but leg room was getting to me a bit and I spent the entire intermission standing up and walking around because otherwise I’d have had to have a leg amputated by the end of the show and I suspect the ushers would have frowned on that.  But it was a great performance; every time I see anything on stage by even semi-professionals I’m amazed at what people are able to do with sets and lighting and such and when it’s actual Broadway professionals doing the work it’s simply outstanding.  I’m really glad we went.

And then I got home and over the last couple of days I’ve been giving the Hamilton soundtrack another whirl after being unable to get through it the first couple of times I tried; again, listening in the car has transformed how I approach a piece of music.  I’m not going to say much, because I want to listen a few more times and then write a longer piece, but I suspect I’m becoming a Hamiltonian.  Like, I listened to it in the car, and I get it now, and yeah, y’all were right.  But more on that later.

Meanwhile, I’m finding that I’m really looking forward to the Rocky Horror Picture Show revival… thingamajig.  I’ve seen the film a million times but have (somehow) never seen it on stage, and the idea of Laverne Cox playing Dr. Frank-N-Furter is fascinating.  So there’s a post coming for that probably eventually as well.


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  1. tomorrow we’re putting evie and her friend on a train pointing in the direction of new york, and hoping that they manage to use their combined 32 years of experience to figure out how to get to [whatever theatre it’s playing in] in time to use their hamilton tickets. honestly i’m way more invested in them learning how to get around a little than i am in them seeing a musical, ha. but evie has been off her gourd about this thing for sooooo loooonnng and omg mama omgomgomg let me sing some more of it to you even though you’d basically rather have dental work than ever see another piece of musical theatre.

    also if she sold those tickets she could buy herself a pretty decent car. fucking kids, with their goofy priorities.

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  2. Katy

    I wish you were going to Hamilton with me! It’s based off a biography that’s close to 1000 pages long. I’ve had it for months and am on page 200ish….it takes focus for me. Love the soundtrack though, and after seeing a few scenes on YouTube, the musical really seems to tell the story visually as well.

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