On what I’m not doing right now

f3a84c39c735ef96480a6eb3ee5caadd.jpgFor the last fifteen years, the week before school starts has been, hands down and far away, the busiest week of the year.  The “first day for teachers” at my old district is next Tuesday, meaning that every teacher I know has been back to work for a week already, and the kids start back next Wednesday.  My son starts back to school on Friday.

Summer’s over, folks, and my schedule will change barely at all.  I’ll have to get up a bit earlier, since I’ll start needing to have the boy at school at 8:15 or so rather than at day care at 8:45 or so, but other than that (and finding something to do with the extra minutes I’ll acquire between dropping him off and getting to work at nine) I have no special responsibilities at all this week.

I am torn between a weird sort of wistful nostalgia and this:


Let me make it clear: I support my former co-workers in everything.  I got y’all’s back.

It just looks like pointing and laughing.

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