True Detective

…yeah, that literally couldn’t have ended any better than it did. I need to marathon my way through the entire series again this weekend.  If you’re not watching this show you need to torrent it or steal it or build a fuckin’ time machine and go back in time and watch it or summat.  Holy shit.

What should I get obsessed with next?  Looking at you, Orphan Black.

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4 thoughts on “True Detective

  1. I watched the first couple of episodes, and I thought they were great, but the series got away from me after that. Planning to catch up at some point.

    I agree with you about Orphan Black. I loved that first season.


  2. Let me know what you find as an obsession replacement. True Detective was fantastic. I’m trying to replace it with House of Cards and The Americans, but they just aren’t doing it for me.


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