Terrible decisions: holy crap I’m gonna die

IMG_1033I’m actually moderately more impressed by the destruction than the completed work.  Other than a couple of slightly dodgy joins– that wall on the left that you can’t see really well was a *bitch*– this actually went pretty well, if messy and somewhat longer than I expected, but I expected it to last longer than I expected, if that makes any sense.  I’m mostly posting this so you can see how effectively I’ve destroyed my bathroom, which I now have to get cleaned up before my son gets home and starts having to breathe concrete dust into his lungs.  I figure that might be bad.  This is actually the best picture of the work, because it’s so hard to get a good angle on that back wall, but you can see it in the mirror.

IMG_1032 Here you can get a look at the bad joins on the left side, there– I think they’ll be OK once I put some mortar into them. If not, I’ll just sell the house.  That wall turned out to be out of… plumb, I think?  There’s three joists over there and the third one in the middle is slightly bulgier than the other two, which gave me hell, and plus the tub itself is unlevel so even finding a good starting point was hell.  Plus that’s the wall I had to restructure so that I had something to attach the board to.  I’m lucky that the only problems are a couple of slight gaps.  I’m gonna have my father-in-law check my work before tiling, though.  And oh holy hell am I not looking forward to doing the wall with the faucet on it.

These last pictures are just so you can see my mess:


And here’s the floor. Gotta go vacuum before the boy gets home.  Entertainingly, the vacuum itself requires vacuuming.


Man, I’m looking forward to a shower.

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4 thoughts on “Terrible decisions: holy crap I’m gonna die

    1. Greenboard isn’t remotely waterproof, unfortunately. That works okay for walls but if you want a tub surround to be waterproofable (because even cement board is porous) you need to use a cement board instead. Greenboard will rot inside the walls.


  1. I am really enjoying someone else piling up the tools. Why is it that a hammer, some screwdrivers and a spirit level breed like bacteria until utensils you never knew you possessed suddenly become essential parts of the job?


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