In which I think not

Missing a day once in a while is no big deal, even if I don’t do it very often. But I refuse to be busy enough to miss two days in a row, even if the post for that second day is a ridiculous two-sentence half-assed excuse for a blog post.

This one is three sentences.

Nope the second

Another shitty day today, for an excitingly different reason than yesterday, but I’m spent again and have no energy for bloggery. I will endeavor to be interesting tomorrow, I promise.

…yeah, I got nothing

Twitter has completely sapped my Will to Internet today, and most of the energy I do have had has been put toward playing Clue with my wife and son.  I kind of enjoy the kids’ version, where instead of trying to solve a murder (and identify a murder weapon) you are trying to figure out who ate a cake that wasn’t supposed to be eaten yet and what beverage they consumed along with the illicitly-eaten cake.  The mechanics aren’t all that different, though.

Screw it; it’s Father’s Day, if there was ever a day where I was entitled to laze about and not do much that was useful to anyone outside my immediate family, this is it.

I got nothing tonight

What’s up with you folks?

Today’s inexplicable work thing

I had a customer call me and demand to have her delivery scheduled on a certain day.  I was able to accommodate her request, and did so nearly immediately.  She then got mad at me and rather rudely insisted that I have her original salesperson call her back right away.

Uh.  K.  Sure.

I’d write more, but I’m trying to find a way to watch MSNBC so that Rachel Maddow can open Al Capone’s vault.  At least that’s what I think she’s doing.  I suspect watching it tomorrow will be more likely.