Unread Shelf: December 31, 2020

See, this looks like I’ve made progress from last month, but only because you don’t see the pile of books that Amazon is literally dropping off at my door right now because my office has a view of the driveway and I just saw the guy. If I hit post before I pick them up they don’t count.

Unread Shelf: November 30, 2020

God, this is such a mess, and there are two books that I need to read before EACH of the books on the far right.

Unread Shelf: October 31, 2020

The goal for November is to buy as few books as possible. I feel like this is getting out of hand again.

Unread Shelf: September 30, 2020

I bought a lot of books last month, so this is slowly getting out of control again. Christopher Paolini is not important enough for that to be what the spine of his book looks like, either.

Unread Shelf, Aug. 31 2020

This will grow by three by the end of the day, since I have a package coming.