Unread Shelf: January 31, 2023

I know; shut up.

Unread Shelf: December 31, 2022

Not a lot of new books added this month, which actually represents progress? Right?

Unread Shelf: November 30, 2022

This month’s edition featuring Roald and Strrrt, and entirely too many Goddamned books. I swear, I read.

Also, I figured out after taking the picture that I have a setting called “Rich Contrast” enabled on my phone somehow, which is why the last two images have looked so very saturated. It’s fixed now, but I was too lazy to retake the picture.

Unread Shelf: October 31, 2022

God damn it, I swear I read books. I think there’s only like two or three on here new to this month.

(And, because I feel like it needs an explanation: I really want to read the John Gwynne book, but there are three sequels. I’m waiting until I finish a few more of the series books on the shelf before adding another one.)

Unread Shelf: September 30, 2022

This was a month where I bought several new books and then didn’t read very much, so … yeah. And I even pulled a couple of books off the shelf and decided I wasn’t reading them after all; I don’t do that very often.