Unread Shelf: September 30, 2021

Uggghhhhh why are there soooooo manyyyyyyy

Seriously, there are four books on here that have been there since June. That’s not okay. Must read faster.

Unread Shelf: August 31, 2021

Had to get this in early, before the most recent batch arrives.

Unread Shelf: July 31, 2021

It doesn’t look like I read anything at all this month, does it? Sigh.

Unread Shelf: June 30, 2021

There are only three books on this shelf that were there at the beginning of the month, which tells you two things: 1) I got a lot of reading done in June, and 2) I ordered way too many damn books in June. The weird thing is I’m super excited about all three of the books.

Unread Shelf: May 31, 2021

Maybe– maybe– now that school is out, I’ll start getting caught up around here. Because it’s shameful how long some of these books have been on this shelf.