REBLOG: Outer space revisited

Okay, I know I literally JUST SAID I wasn’t posting more than once a day for a while, but there’s absolutely no way I can pass up reblogging this amazing story.

Green Writing Room

I recently read my first Sci Fi book… at least I think it was the first, and yet… in a life of reading I must have read one before and anyway it was listed under adventure, and I am always up for that. Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 22.14.14I enjoyed Skylights very much and reviewed it on Amazon. I read it because I have become interested in the author Luther M. Siler via his blog and happened to read the opening of this book which gripped me. It is set in the future, but starts in a schoolroom as the assembled children are watching the launch of the Challenger in 1986.

However, I had forgotten, I have been to space before, nearly thirty years ago. Our youngest daughter decided, age four, that she wanted to be an astronaut. So we made her a space ship. Here are the engineers at construction work 1For christmas that year she…

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