#30daysongchallenge: Day 31

Why not call it the 31 day song challenge? The world may never know.

The theme is a song that comforts your soul, and the only real question was which Bob Marley song I was gonna choose, so I went with both of them. And I can’t imagine a better song to end this month on than Redemption┬áSong:

And your choice?

#30daysongchallenge: Day 30

Day 30, which should be the last day of the challenge but isn’t, is “A song that reminds you of yourself.” Which … huh? I’m reinterpreting this again, to mean “reminds you of a specific time in your life.” Which leads me to this song, which (despite coming out in 1992) will never as long as I live not remind me of my senior year of high school:

Do any of you have songs that you listen to and think “This reminds me of me”?

#30daysongchallenge: Day 29

Heh. A song that reminds me of my childhood, huh? Okay:

What were you listening to in 4th grade?

#30daysongchallenge: Day 28

Day 28 is a song by an artist whose voice you love. And, again, this is perfectly interchangeable with Day 25:

Don’t front, dammit: Biggie may not be a singer, but his voice is beautiful, and you know it.

Who’s got pipes out there?

#30daysongchallenge: Day 27

Day 27 is a song that breaks your heart. I have heard this song a million times and can’t get through the last verse without fighting off tears. That’s not a joke or an exaggeration. I can’t do it.

What song breaks you every time you hear it?