#30daysongchallenge: Day 25

Day 25 is a song from an artist who is no longer living. I could have interchanged this song with the one that we’ll be playing on Day 28, as both songs work perfectly for both themes:

My first thought for this day was “Bowie or Prince?”, if we’re being honest. And then Kurt Cobain came to mind. Well, Day 2 was a Prince song, and I don’t have a great place to put a Bowie song or a Nirvana song in the days that are left, so this is a bonus song, a Nirvana cover of a Bowie song. I also could have chosen this for the covers day:

Favorite song by an artist no longer with us?

#30daysongchallenge, Day 24

The theme of Day 24 is “A song by a band you wish were still together.” And I’m going to interpret that to mean bands that are broken up as opposed to someone critical having passed away. Gonna choose somebody a bit less obvious for this one, I think:

Who do you wish were still recording?

#30daysongchallenge: Day 23

This is “a song you think everybody should listen to,” so … hmm. Something a bit more obscure, like a b-side or a deeper cut. OK:

What song should I know about?

#30daysongchallenge: Day 22

This one is “A song that moves you forward,” and … I’m not sure what this means. But this is a good “had a rough day and want to die” song, and that’s probably close to what they’re getting at. I have driven home from work blaring this at unsafe volume MANY times:

What moves you forward?

#30daysongchallenge: Day 21

This one is “A song you like with a person’s name in the title,” which means I have to lead with this video:

The challenge, of course, is to pick something that isn’t from that list. And therefore:

Challenge: what’s your favorite song named after a guy?

(Bonus song:)