In which it’s all good

It was an excessively pleasant day today, with October-perfect weather.  We went out and bought pumpkins (the boy picked all three of them out) and the boy is so enamored with his personal pumpkin that he insisted on it staying in his bedroom with him tonight.  We got the yard raked and I enjoyed it (it is so rare as to border on impossible for me to enjoy doing yard work) and acquired most of the rest of his Halloween costume.  We also figured out what I was doing about my Halloween costume, which I didn’t actually realize I was wearing until the idea popped into my head.

And now we’re gonna watch the season premiere of Constantine.  So, yeah, good day.

(Not “good blog post,” I admit that.  I’ll try and be interesting tomorrow.)

On extracurriculars

I am at a middle school football game. It is a hundred million degrees and I am wearing work clothes, including my lanyard, and I am anticipating a massive scalp/neck sunburn because there is no shade anywhere.

Ah, teaching.

Later, I will hunt for tile.

We appear to have lost, which is sad– I had to leave early for the tilening, which didn’t even work out to much– we weren’t able to find what I had declared the Perfect Tile at our Lowe’s when we went to the Lowe’s that is closer to my parents’ place, although we did manage to make an appointment for a guy to come out and measure our bathroom and tell me how deep the buggery going to be once they come over and tile for us.  (We have discussed it.  We are not tiling ourselves.  The reason:  we don’t wanna.)   The demolition is still scheduled for this weekend and I’m still not exactly sure how that’s going to go.  But I’m looking forward to blogging about how wrong it went.