A miracle

I have written lesson plans– well, okay, I have planned– well, okay, I have determined subject matter— for every day of school between now and Winter Break, which — especially the way I’ve phrased it– may not sound like the miracle that it is.

That was a very complicated sentence and I dare you to diagram it.

Anyway, I’ve been doing this job long enough that for the most part the difficulty in “lesson planning” is just deciding what to do, and the actual doing is all muscle memory by now even if I’m doing a lesson I’ve never done before, or changing up an old one. I can spin a couple of sentences of “plan” into a 47-minute lesson with next to no difficulty at all, but the actual process, the this-before-this-and-don’t-forget-this of it all is the difficult part. I’ll need to devote some time to actually writing the assignments for tomorrow for both my Algebra and Pre-Algebra classes, which will take a few minutes, but that calendar on Canvas? That shit’s filled out. And that’s a wonderful feeling.

I might even put it all up on the wall for the kids tomorrow so they can look at it. I went out and bought some stuff for the classroom today, as I’ve got most of my setup done and it’s time to turn my attention to the walls. The room’s feeling more like me with every passing day, although the lack of windows still hurts my soul, and I need another lamp. One more lamp in there and I can start turning the lights off while they work and rely on the LEDs and the lamps to keep the room lit enough that my ancient-ass eyes can see. Right now I’m still just too blind for it.

The difference

I am very curious to see just how many of you recognize the significance of this photo:

Actually, looking at it, that tape dispenser is in fact sitting flat on top of my desk calendar and, despite a really weird and unintentional trick of the shadows, is not floating a couple of inches above it.

A bit of necessary, but possibly not sufficient, context: my current classroom has been unoccupied for a month in between the resignation of the previous teacher and my arrival on Monday. There was a surprising amount of stuff on my desk when I moved in, including that tape dispenser. This afternoon, finally finding a roll of Scotch tape in the boxes I brought over, I picked the little wheel out of the dispenser, attached the roll of tape to it, and put it back on my desk.

This photo, in a nutshell, is why, so far, I love my new building.