Eleven years

For ELEVEN YEARS this woman has been putting up with me. And I love her very much for it. My God, have I gone downhill since 2008.

Eleven years and a day, actually. We were married on Feb. 29, 2008, which is the last day of February in 2008, meaning that our anniversary is properly celebrated on the last day of February and not on the first day of March. We didn’t get married in March, so our anniversary can’t be in March. It would be nonsense to suggest otherwise.

Like I said. Putting up with me for eleven years. 🙂

#Weekendcoffeeshare: Anniversary Edition


If we were having coffee…

Shit, what are we doing having coffee?  I’ve got packing to do!

This weekend (well, tonight, specifically) my lovely wife and I are celebrating our 8th year of marriage and our 2nd anniversary.  (Think about what year and month it is.)  We are generally homebodies and so we decided when we got married that, February already being crowded with other gifty holidays that we were ignoring, we were going to make our anniversary not a big thing other than every 4th year when the actual date of our marriage rolled around.  So today we’re dropping the boy off to spend the night at his grandparents’ for the first time and heading off for an insanely expensive meal and a night at a casino.

I don’t gamble.  This ought to be interesting.  I have perused the menu of the place where we’re having dinner, as the meal is far more significant to me than the gambling, and have discovered that there is a $120 steak on the menu.

I may not be able to pass up the opportunity to pay a hundred and twenty dollars for a chunk of cow.  And, conveniently, our tax refund showed up this morning.

But: point is, there’s a lot to be done before then, plus the actual driving, which isn’t obscenely far but the weather’s been crappy lately.  So let’s slurp the coffee down; I gotta bounce.  I’ll post a hotel room picture tonight, I promise.