In which I check in

Got no sleep at all last night, to the point where I called in sick today, and have spent the entire day feeling like roasted hell. So not a whole lot to say right now. Anybody have anything fun to share?

NEXT DAY EDIT:  Can you tell I wrote this on my phone?  The post title has had an autocorrect typo in it for 24 hours and I just noticed.  🙂

My face; you should kill it


My body has given up.  Totally and completely given up.  I don’t know why; I can’t honestly say that I’m sick, because “sick” generally involves symptoms beyond exhaustion, laying around, sleeping (during the daytime), insomnia (at night) and wanting to die.  I had a pounding headache all day yesterday that neither caffeine nor ibuprofin could get rid of; that’s mostly gone today but the level of effort it took to drag my ass from my bedroom to the office and type out these couple of paragraphs is almost embarrassing to describe.

I have to go to work tonight.  Not sure how the hell that’s supposed to work.