REBLOG: Why teaching is terrible…

Hilary Custance Green just published a great review of SEARCHING FOR MALUMBA over at her place.  Here’s a quick excerpt, and check out the rest of it at her site.

Each entry comes hot, often scorchingly so, off the keyboard and varies from hilarious to heart-breaking. You read this with your mouth hanging open in shock about where these kids are coming from and what kind of homes they go back to. You also read it with sympathetic fury at the authorities wilful misunderstanding about testing, teacher pay and worst of all the nature of children themselves. In contrast, you also read with delight and outright laughter about children and teacher’s successes and gaffes.

Source: Why teaching is terrible…

Two more SKYLIGHTS reviews

I wasn’t going to do this when it was just one review, but SKYLIGHTS has picked up two new reviews tonight– a four-star review on from the most excellent Hilary Custance Green, and a five-star review on regular Amazon.  I’ve been starving for reviews of this book, so to see two in one night is great.

These are both gratifying for different reasons; the five-star is awesome because it’s actually the first five-star review that SKYLIGHTS has gotten (literally every review has been four stars!) and the four-star because Hilary is rather emphatically not a sci-fi reader.  I love that; this isn’t a book that’s going to trick people into reading it– there are people in spacesuits on the cover, and one of them is holding what appears to be a laser gun– so any time I get a sign that the book has some crossover appeal, it always makes me happy.

SKYLIGHTS is available on now for $4.95 and will be available in print for $12.95 really soon.  Like by the end of next week.  🙂

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