In which I face Jod and walk backwards into Hell

It has come to my attention that there are actual human beings who think that the plural of “email” is “email.”

These people are sociopaths.

You can use “email” as a collective– “I get lots of email” or “I sent some email” if you like, but if it is used as a plural, ie, “He sent two emails”, and you don’t include that -s at the end, you are bad and wrong and you should go far away.

Or embrace the phrase “email messages,” and dodge the issue that way.

The end.



This is not okay.

I’m calling for an official Grammar Boycott of McDonald’s until we get a retraction and an apology.

You’re asking the wrong question

I’m much more concerned about your grammar.


A thing that just happened

ivz2e0v32nti3knv6afjActual conversation I just had with my son.  Context: I am picking him up from day care, and my wife is already in the car, which is not usually the case.

DAD:  Guess who’s in the car?

BOY:  Toys!

DAD:  Toys are a what.  Guess who is in the car?

BOY:  Snacks!

DAD:  Snacks are also a what.  People are whos.  Guess who is in the car?

BOY:  Thinks.  Stuff!

Dad gives up.  Exeunt.