On Ron DeSantis

If he decides to run for President in 2024, he’s an utter fucking idiot.

I’m at my aunt’s house overnight, and CNN or MSNBC has been on for literally every second I’ve been in the house, so I’ve watched more TV in the last six hours than in the last six weeks. And there’s been a lot of chatter about the coming civil war in the Republican Party between the shitgibbon and Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis is— holy shit— only 44 years old, and he’s a moron if he runs in 2024. Why? Because assuming he hasn’t had the stroke or heart attack that he so richly deserves or been locked in jail until he dies, DeSantis will have to get past the shitgibbon to get the nomination. There is every chance that if he wins that that stupid orange bastard will keep running against him anyway just out of spite, and he’ll lose.

If he waits until 2028, he will be 50– still young. And, very likely, one of two things will have happened: either Joe Biden will have finished his second term, or the shitgibbon will have finished his. Taking up the mantle as the party’s heir apparent in 2028 makes much more sense than trying it in ‘24.

Now, of course, there’s talk that Biden won’t run again. If that happens all bets are off, but for better or for worse I don’t think it’s likely. Hell, I don’t want the guy in office anyway, and for my money the best possible result would be for DeSantis to win the ‘24 R primary and then the shitgibbon to decide to run as an independent. We’d win 45 states and it would be fucking hilarious. But that doesn’t change the fact that it is objectively stupid for him to run in 2024. Keep fucking Florida, dude.