CArtist: Chuck D
Best Album: Apocalypse ’91: The Enemy Strikes Black
Best Song: Fight the Power
This Letter Could Have Been About: Chubb Rock, Common, Coolio, The Crest, Cunninlynguists

Why I’m Writing About This Artist: Because I’m cheating again; yesterday I used a group to represent the work of a single artist, and today I’m using a single artist to represent the work of a group: Public Enemy.  I said yesterday that no single person had had more of an effect on my development as a human being than KRS-ONE.  Still true.  But PE magnified and extended the influence that Boogie Down Productions had.  They are the greatest group in the history of hiphop for a very good reason.  If you haven’t been watching the videos, make sure to check this one out, and understand just how much PE terrified white people in the late eighties and early nineties.

Have a video!:

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Because I have to

It’s 9:15. I’m going to bed in the next hour or so, and I just wrote a post about heroes, and I can’t have this song in my head all damn night.