Good morning!

I am awake and dressed and at work and all of my body parts are functioning normally and pain-free.  I therefore expect to fall off of a ladder later today.  I do not intend to climb a ladder but I will find a way to fall off one anyway.

Here is a picture of a bird I rescued from the store yesterday.  His name is Bird because I am not very creative.

Really crappy pictures of a really cool thing

I stopped at Subway (heh) for lunch on my way in to OtherJob.  The particular Subway I stopped at has two blind turns as you circle the restaurant from the drive-thru microphone to the actual window where you pay and get your food.

I made the first turn and had to slam on my brakes, because there was an honest-to-God red-tailed hawk just chilling in the parking lot two feet in front of my car.  I almost hit him.  That close.  Scrabbling for my phone ensued, but the beautiful bastard flew away just as I was pulling up the camera app…

…to join his mate on the roof of another nearby fast-food installation.  Two of them.

I spent a good ten minutes chasing them around the parking lot trying to get either a) a crappy picture of both of them together or b) a good picture of one of them and failed.  Nonetheless, enjoy crappy long-distance taken-from-inside-the-car-through-the-windshield iPhone pictures of two really cool birds:

2014-02-08 10.45.24

2014-02-08 10.45.182014-02-08 10.51.29