Graaaah cannot brain

… you ever have one of those days where you are convinced that you have several hundred tasks, mostly mid-sized or smaller, that all need doing today but at any given moment you can’t remember what any of them are? And simultaneously you feel like you’ve been working on those tasks all day but actually naming anything you’ve done is also something you’re not capable of?

… what’s that you say? That’s every day now? Oh.


2:09 PM, Friday April 17: 679,374 total confirmed cases; 34,180 Americans dead.

In which whoopsie

Today was a teacher record day, which means no kids. I love teacher record days; I don’t have nearly enough time to just sit at my desk and get shit done without having to stay way after school and do it (I average one day a week that runs less than nine hours without getting any desk work done; ten-hour-days aren’t happening) and I managed to get quite a lot of work done today, even managing to come up with somewhat of a solution to Yesterday’s Unpleasantness that doesn’t violate everything I know about decentness and proper educational technique. It does look like most of the staff is refusing to put student names on these things; the legal issues involved are still in limbo and I’ll be addressing them with the union in the near future– just not tonight. I need to work on other stuff tonight.

So, yeah– the day ends, and I’ve finished most of the stuff I wanted to do, and I get in my car. Since it’s Friday, I head directly to OtherJob, pondering along the way if I’m hungry or have any shopping errands that need doing. The answer to both is negative; I’ve eaten two big meals today (I always grab breakfast on the way to work on teacher record days; it’s the only time lately that I allow myself to have McDonald’s, since I love their breakfast burritos) and, well, unless I go get stupid and buy a new computer I just don’t have any shopping to do right now.

(Wait, shit, should have bought a new pair of jeans. You remember why, I assume.)

About two minutes from OtherJob it hits me that, since I left work promptly at what would be the end of the school day and didn’t stop anywhere, I am about to arrive at my second job an hour and a half early.

Uh. I guess I’ll… blog, then? Sure. 🙂