Grayish-green Saturday WOO!


I promise, I won’t do this three times in a row.

Black Friday wasn’t much of a thing, really– the usual Friday crew said that there really wasn’t a whole lot of reason for all of us to be there as it wasn’t much different from a usual Friday, and my personal sales were mediocre.  Today went a lot better, actually, over two times as much, helped along by a guy who dropped five grand in cash on the desk in front of me after picking out his furniture.  Five grand in cash is a lot of cash, folks!  Sunday is usually my best day of the week, so I’ve got a good chance to have a pretty good week, but not, like, “massive crowds/best day of the year” good.  Just, like, “Man, November’s going well for me” good.

This is normally the spot where I’d talk about some aspect of my life other than my boring (to others, at least I assume) job, but I’ve spent 23 hours at work since 8 AM Friday morning and I am a bit tired.  So I’mma go to bed and read now and try to be more interesting tomorrow.  Meanwhile, if you’re looking for something to spend money on, can I interest you in my books?  They’re available, exciting, and inexpensive!

Black Friday WOO!


Okay, furniture sales is probably– probably– not going to be Ground Zero of the retail zombie apocalypse, but still.  It’s gonna be a twelve hour day (only one longer than normal, if we ignore the fact that I’m not supposed to be at work on Friday in the first place) and I’m probably gonna be too tired to post when I get home.  And then I get to do it again on Saturday!  Whee!

Be nice to retail employees today, is what I’m saying.  And shop at places where the employees are more likely to either own the store or related to the owners, as those folks are likely to be a lot happier to be at work than most of the rest of us.


Nope^3, the I Can’t Use Proper HTML in Headlines edition

il_570xN.1009221103_97v2.jpgI feel like a GIS for “Nope Turkey” ought to produce some decent results, particularly on Thanksgiving, but I have been thwarted, and it does not.  Instead, I have a picture of an innocuous casserole dish.  A very specific, innocuous casserole dish.  And I’m not going to tell any of you why.  

It’s just going to sit there.

Where some of you can stare at it.

Because reasons.

You know who you are.

Dinner was at the in-laws’ tonight, as First Thanksgiving was at my mom and dad’s when my brother and new sister-in-law were in last weekend.  I had a revelation partway through the meal; there’s absolutely nothing that keeps me from learning the recipe for my mother-in-law’s corn and bacon casserole and making it whenever the hell I want.  It’s not like there’s a law that says I can only have it on two days a year.

Well, two days a year and at least one more day following each of those two days.  Unless I eat all of it tonight, which is a distinct possibility, as I keep casting eyes toward the kitchen as I’m typing this.  Thanksgiving was five hours ago, after all.

At some point this week I have to make it over to my parents’ place for some persimmon pudding, speaking of things I actually can’t have whenever I want, since persimmons are, like, never actually in season.

<record scratch>


Maybe that’s a lie too.  If I can have corn and bacon casserole whenever I want… does that mean that I can have persimmon pudding whenever I want, too?


That would change the entire universe if it were true.   I’m not sure I’m prepared.

What do you eat two days a year that you could have anytime, if you were actually free to do so?  Answer me, while I go have more mashed potatoes.

Nope, pt. 2: the noperation

Busy day.  Saw Moana.  You should too.  Sleepy now.  Conserving mental energy for dealing with family tomorrow.

This probably won’t embed correctly since I’m on the iPad.  You’ll live.


ecyxiynwm5n7tbuddqbo.gifI’m in this weird, needlessly crabby mood this evening, and I can’t shake it.  I spent, I dunno, a week and a half or so trying to cut my brainmeds in half again, with the idea of extinguishing them altogether if that worked out, and… well, the election put the kibosh on that idea, because if there was ever a time in my life where taking anti-anxiety meds made really good sense, it’s the last few weeks.  Making things worse, I started reading a book called An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States a day or two ago.  As it turns out out that has  not been a way to improve my mood– which, granted, isn’t history’s job, and I kind of owe it to myself to be as clear-eyed as I can about history.  And then I run into paragraphs like this:

But scalp hunting became routine only in the mid-1670s, following an incident on the northern frontier of the Massachusetts colony.  The practice began in earnest in 1697 when settler Hannah Dustin, having murdered 10 of her Abenaki captors in a nighttime escape, presented their ten scalps to the Massachusetts General Assembly and was rewarded with bounties for two men, two women, and six children.  

I have bolded the words I find problematic; perhaps you can figure out why on your own.  That and the author’s odious practice of using the phrase “U.S. Americans” when she ought to say “Americans,” a word that is entirely unambiguous in its meaning, mean that the book is a tougher slog than I’m really in the mood for at the moment.  At least she’s not saying “USian,” a word that will immediately cause me to disregard everything someone has to say about any subject at all.

I probably ought to read the book sometime, mind you.  I just don’t think it needs to be this week.

Gonna go see Moana tomorrow, I think.  We’ll see if that helps at all.

Possibly not the best place to put this, but if any of you love me at all, and you have a couple of extra bucks lying around, it’s been a distressingly long time since I’ve sold a book.  This is primarily because I’ve put little to no effort into such things lately, but if you care to help me out, it’d be great.  Print books make great gifts!