For right now, click here to sign up for my mailing list– which, I promise, will be used sparingly, and not at all until I  have at least a couple dozen subscribers.  I’m trying to embed the form but it may actually be impossible.

3 thoughts on “Newsletter

  1. Matthew S. Emano

    Is he an idiot genius; is he so entirely profound he’ll make you ‘subscribe yourself?’ (I already know all about myself, sort of, and I for sure -do not- want a subscription to myself); will he ever tell us what his son’s day care center did to cause his ire; do these Korean animals, cats, skunks, what-has-one, endure situations which truly vary and then turn out to be mostly inconsequential and will he tell us more of his impressions? I haven’t found any answers here within, however, the Cosmos is sometimes more kind than Chthulu and I have discovered enjoyment in your uninformative declarations. Kudos, cheers. Just like everybody else on these intrawebs I’m hipster-level difficult to gather accolade from out of. (I actually am a difficult audience, though. Because I’m so cool.) Also, I think your site design is groovy like Uber.
    ~Some guy called Matthew.



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