Short Fiction

Every once in a while, I pretend I’m a writer of fiction in addition to profane Internet rants.  This page lists short stories that have been posted to the blog.  In chronological order:

  • “Crossroads” (November 25, 2013) I spent a long day reading Saladin Ahmed and Nnedi Okorafor and this happened.
  • “The Road to Ramtucko” (December 20, 2013)  A doctor encounters unexpected trouble on the way to a patient, and that’s just with his horse.
  • “Balremesh” (February 20, 2014) I spent a long day watching True Detective and reading The King in Yellow and this happened.  🙂  (Not true.  I wrote this years ago after spending some time mainlining Lovecraft and remembered it after a long day of TD and TKiY.)
  • “Confession” (March 29, 2014) A companion piece to “Crossroads,” possibly starring the same character.  I really don’t know!
  • “Culaqan” (July 31, 2014) My (sadly non-victorious) entry to the Baen Fantasy Adventure Award contest, this is also set in the same universe as “Crossroads” and “Confession,” although not at all starring the same character.  I’m quite fond of this story.
  • “Warrior Jayashree and the Young” (May 6, 2015) Another non-victorious entry, this one was my attempt to get published in an anthology called Swords v. Cthulhu, which might give you an idea of the tone of the piece.
  • “Disconnected” (May 15, 2016) Possibly the start of something longer, possibly not.  I wrote this all in one big gulp on the couch one Saturday morning.

Thanks for reading!

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