Autographed, personalized books are now available from Luther Siler!  Each book will be signed by the author.  A personalized note can be included at no additional charge; specify that in the “note to dealer” screen after you click “Buy Now!”.  Note that I reserve the right to refuse your request if I find it ridiculous somehow but I’ll refund your money if that happens.

Shipping and handling are $5.  Your book will be sent to you in a padded envelope via US Media Mail. All sales are contingent upon me actually having copies of the book in my house or you being willing to wait until I get them; I’ll be in communication regarding availability if it’s an issue.

I am willing to ship outside the continental United States, but contact me first to work out shipping details.  Also feel free to contact me if you don’t use PayPal and want to send a check or work out another method of payment.

The Benevolence Archives, Vol. 1:  $5 USD
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The Sanctum of the Sphere: $12 USD
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Tales: The Benevolence Archives, Vol. 3:  $6 USD
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Balremesh and Other Stories: $5 USD
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Skylights:  $12 USD
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Searching for Malumba: $12 USD
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