In which I am charmingly incompetent

mblile-72dpi-1500x2000First, an oops moment: my book Balremesh and other stories has been free on Amazon since this morning, and will continue to be free until sometime late Monday night, and I, dedicated to my career as I am, completely forgot to mention it to anyone until just now.  So, uh, there’s some cool stuff in there?  And you should probably go snap it up, and then tell everyone you know to also go download it.  I haven’t had a free giveaway in a while, so I’m sure you’ve made some new friends since then, right?

I am absurdly tired right now.  It has not actually been a bad week by any objective standard; I’ve been busy, like I always am, but not to the point where I should be getting home at 4:45 seriously considering going straight to bed without dinner, which is what happened tonight.  Of course, it’s 8:00 right now, because I had to spend a couple of hours working on a training I’m doing tomorrow (which I’ve known about for weeks and haven’t managed to have ready yet) and now I’m blogging and if I get really nuts it’s possible that I’ll finally get a Goodreads page up for Click tonight.

(There is no chance of that happening.)

I dunno, maybe I’ve got a low-grade flu or something.  I had a flu shot, and I’m in Mainline Vitamin C All the Goddamn Time mode since it’s fall, but stuff sneaks through, y’know?  But man, the last time I was this tired all the time was back when I was going on brain drugs for the first time.  And I swear I am on no unorthodox medication of any kind at the moment.  I’m just begging for sweet oblivion.

By which I mean sleep, of course, not death.

Anyway, like I said, go grab a free book.

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6 thoughts on “In which I am charmingly incompetent

  1. Seasonal Affective Disorder, seriously, dark evenings and gloomy weather = depressed and tired ALL THE TIME. (I live in the north of England so I know.) Get a daylight lamp, it’s the only way I survive each winter without hibernating. Half an hour when you get up. Trust me, it works. Also Vitamin D, your levels drop with less sunlight.

    PS, I’m not a doctor! Just friendly advice from a fellow sufferer. Our clocks just changed for winter and I hate it every goddam year.


      1. Sure it is:

        I don’t think it’s SAD, if only because climate change has ensured that it’s not fully dark and gloomy around here just yet. Low-grade depression and anxiety is still definitely a possibility, though, given every other fucking thing that’s going on in the world. Frankly, low-grade depression and anxiety is the only sane response to the world right now. 😦

        I take Vitamins D and C every day, believe it or not. I’m legit deficient on Vitamin D anyway, so I need the supplement, and the C is a daily thing through the fall and winter because I spend all day every day around hundreds of germbags. That said, a daylight lamp still might not be a terrible idea. Maybe I’ll try one out anyway.


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