In which I tell you what to do and ask you to spend money

WHAT TO DO: Come see me at Kokomo-Con 8 this Saturday!  I should have been packing and getting ready today, but instead I played Nioh and lazed around.  The con is from 10-6 at the Kokomo Event and Conference Center.   Admission is just $10!  I’ll be in Booth 59 on this map:


I’ll have books.  I’ll be selling them!  And signing them!  There will also be Oreos.  It’s okay if you just come by for the Oreos.

That’s not actually the bit where I ask you to spend money, though.

GO BUY THIS:  My friend Sara Kathleen is an artist and she’s made a doodle coloring book.  Her doodles are really cool and she’s only asking $13 for the book.  Okay, she’s in England so she’s asking for ten pounds, but hell if I know how to make my keyboard do that little L thing.  Check out her website and kick her a preorder before they end on Monday.  Shipping is free, even to the States!