How to confuse and annoy me, non-supermoon edition

wtf-o.gifFielded a call from a customer this evening who was annoyed because she had taken delivery of a recliner this afternoon and, for the second time, said recliner had come in wrong.  I apologized and, after getting her last name and looking up her invoice, asked her what had gone wrong.

“We ordered a power recliner.  This one’s not power,” she said.


The following problems were immediately apparent:

  • That she had not, in fact, ordered a power recliner, nor therefore could her initial recliner (which was returned because it arrived with broken feet) have been a power recliner.
  • That the recliner she had ordered was not even available in a power option, and that therefore she could not have ordered nor received a power recliner.  I have sold so many of these that I have the code memorized; that is not true of that many pieces on the floor.  It’s a push-back recliner.  There’s no power option.

Upon further investigation, it became clear that the customer’s sole problem with her new recliner was that it wasn’t a power recliner.  Upon gently pushing back on this contention, she stuck to her guns: she’d ordered a power recliner, and she’d gotten a power recliner, and she’d sent it back because one of the feet were broken.

Note also that no power recliner on the floor has feet.  So there’s no way that she got a power recliner that had broken feet.  They don’t have feet.  It was close to the end of the evening so I eventually got her off the phone by telling her that her salesperson had gone home for the day (true) and that I’d have her call her back tomorrow (also true.)  So this lady is claiming to have received a recliner that doesn’t exist that had a broken part that the recliner that doesn’t exist doesn’t have, and is angry because we sent her the recliner she ordered instead of a nonexistent one.

Anyway, I got her off the phone.

And then my manager, who’d been listening behind me, started laughing and filled me in on what was really going on.  You see, the manufacturer offers that recliner as a power recliner.  But my store doesn’t sell it that way.  And they’d shipped us a power recliner by accident.  There is no way for us to order one, and the customer originally ordered a regular recliner like I’d thought, and has either forgotten about that or was lying about it.

(She certainly didn’t pay for one.  She paid $X, and a power recliner would therefore be at least $X + 100.)

So, yeah.  Good luck to my co-worker tomorrow in sorting that one out.

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