A quick question for everyone (music)

kendrick_lamar_grammys_performance_rhceuz.jpgAs I was driving home I was listening to music and reflecting on how I really need to find a way to put a car into my living room somewhere.  Either that or I need to invest in a really high-quality pair of headphones.

Why?  Because more and more lately the car seems to be the best place for me to absorb music.  I still buy at least two or three new albums every single month, and some are heavier than others.  I seem to be rather unique in that among the adults I know; I just asked my wife when the last time she bought new music was and she thought for a long time and said it might have been before our son was born.

He just turned 5, remember.

1383089177_5d7c613188689706de8fdb506ca69d95.pngSo, yeah: I still spend a decent amount of money on music.  In fact, other than books and comics, music is the thing I spend the largest share of my discretionary income on.   And what I’m finding is that until I’ve listened to a new album in my car, it’s as if I haven’t heard it at all.  This was driven home recently by the first time I listened to a recent Hopsin album in the car.  I’d listened to it over and over again at home, and I mean it: it was like I’d never heard it before.  I appreciated that album so much more after keeping it in rotation in the car for a while than I had when had just listened to it on my computer– and my computer has good speakers!

(You might be wondering why there’s a picture of Kendrick Lamar at the top of this post.  Same deal. I never properly appreciated Kendrick until listening to him while I was driving.)

Anyway, here’s the question: Are you, as a presumed adult (and if you’re not an adult, let me know and then answer anyway,) still buying music?  And where’s the best place for you to listen to it?

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  1. That is so funny to read this, just yesterday one of my friends has recently found an appreciation for Kendrick and Childish Gambino. He said he was sitting in his lab and just really started taking it in. For me, I find the car and the gym is where I appreciate music the best…


  2. I buy music maybe twice a year, if that. It used to be a lot more, but lately, not so much.

    As for where. I mainly listen to music when I am walking, or when I’m working on some thing (usually sat at the computer). But mainly when walking. I like the disconnect of mind and body when I go for a stroll, my feet know what to do, my sense of navigation kicks in, and I can slip on my headset and let the music wash through my mind (or occasinally, a good audiobook).


  3. I usually have music on in the background all the time, but to actually listen to it, to really absorb and engage with it, I sit in a comfy chair, usually with full (covers the whole ear) headphones on, close my eyes and drift away.

    I don’t know if it’s a good idea to wear headphones while you’re driving though. 🙂


  4. Yes, and in my car. I think when I’m listening to music at home it’s always just background noise to something else i’m focused on, so it’s hard to really absorb it. Driving gives me something to do without really occupying my mind. I just kind of do it. And with the speakers blaring, it’s like I’m in the music, with nothing else to distract me from it. I love long road trips for this very reason.

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  5. There’s still a small handful of artists I buy CDs of. My car is old school, I have to actually slide a cd in to hear it or listen to FM radio. So, that’s where I listen. At home and other places, I just do Pandora.


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