#Fridayfictioneers: Going Native

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook
PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook


She pointed.  “That’s how long you’ve got.  Make it worth it.”

“It wasn’t my fault–”

She cut him off.  “Bzzt.  Try another one.”

“It wasn’t me!”

Fifteen seconds.”

“I was captured by aliens and replaced by a Gerotrossian replicant who managed to ruin my life in the 24 hours he had between insertion and his PseudoSkin simulant dissolving and needing to return to the mothership.  I’m actually a space cop from Betelgeuse 19.”

An eyebrow lifted.

“You have my attention.  That was at least entertaining.  One more minute.”

Galactic Sergeant Olin Cardswallock rubbed his forehead.  Sometimes undercover on-planet work wasn’t worth it.

Word Count: 100

Friday Fictioneers is a weekly blog hop hosted by Rochelle. She posts a photo prompt then challenges readers to write a 100 word story inspired by the prompt. It’s a fun challenge. Give it a try! Check here for the info then write your story and post it, link up and enjoy the other stories!

2 thoughts on “#Fridayfictioneers: Going Native

  1. gahlearner

    The truth is better than the worst lies, because no one believes it. I think Heinlein said that. What an imaginative take, I love it.


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