Backyard flower

  I haven’t filtered or processed this image at all.  The orange really is that ridiculously saturated.  I’ve never seen this kind of flower in our backyard before today and the plant itself is very different from the other flowers near it.  Must have been a bird or something.

12 thoughts on “Backyard flower

    1. Unless it’s a mutation of some sort, it’s got to have been brought there by an animal. A lighter orange lily has been growing there for years– I’ve photographed them before– but I’ve never seen one this color and the plant and the leaves are very different from the others. The long stems in the background are from the other lilies. Unless they only come out every five years like locusts or something I have no idea where it came from.


  1. Found your blog through Scalzi’s. Good info on the KU matter going on. I am debating on following your lead and just getting the heck off the dang thing. Thanks for that post.

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  2. I am quite sure my dad grows these for fun…. I don’t know what they are called, but he does. And his garden is on the local garden club summer tour, and mine is not.


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