11539580_10153372300838926_158097258365957256_n(I said this on Twitter, but I should say it on WP too:  loving the rainbow banner, guys.  Meanwhile, not quite done having fun with this.)

Anyway.  Trying to use today to clean up a lot of little writing tasks that have been piling up lately; so far I’ve written up a fairly lengthy interview (details later) and done some promotional stuff for Skylights.  I need to go into work on Monday for about an hour and then my grant is put to bed and I actually get to start my summer break, which will be spent working on Starlight and Searching for Malumba and also job-hunting.  So July’s full already, especially when you factor in that I’ll be spending the entire 4th of July weekend in Indianapolis at InConJunction.  Book signings!  Free bookmarks!  Woo!

(Are you in Indianapolis, or nearby?  The con’s cheap, and it looks like a lot of fun.  Come see me!  Creator’s Alley, booth C9!  Please?  I’ll be so goddamn lonely.)

Speaking of putting grants to bed, I have two days to write my final report for the teacher grant that paid for last summer’s writing adventure.  It won’t be much different from my mid-year report, since I’m not actually teaching and therefore can’t report on how the grant affected my teaching.  Once that’s done, I start planning for the books.  My first priority on Monday is to get at least a thousand words done on Starlight; my second priority is to get another thousand words done on a BA story for Lightspeed Magazine’s open submissions period.

And play a lot of Bloodborne.

So that’s me, today.  What’s your Sunday looking like?

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  1. Good luck with everything! I started my Sunday with going through my editor’s suggestions and corrections for Clairvoyance Chronicles. I’m doing some back ups and rechecked the character work I did for a couple of projects. Did my monthly Skype with a friend in TX and now taking a break with smashing monsters on SWTOR! Plan for next week is finishing the last bonus chapter for revised edition of A Galaxy of Possibilities and I have something that could be a game changer happen on Wednesday. Hoping it goes well and that I have good news to share in early July!


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