So I’ve realized something…

Sanctum_72dpi…I have no idea how to market a sequel.

I do have a plan for my writing career, such as it is, and keeping Benevolence Archives, Vol. 1 free or close to it everywhere I can is part of that plan.  My next two books will be a nonfiction stand-alone and the sequel to Skylights, and once Skylights has a sequel it’s not going to go free but the price is going to drop pretty substantially.  (Don’t hold your breath.  I’ve written two paragraphs, and don’t plan on getting much farther for a bit.)

But the sequel to Benevolence Archives is already out!  It’s called The Sanctum of the Sphere, and it’s right there to the right of these words!  And it’s pretty good, if you ask me, which you probably shouldn’t since I’m biased.

Here’s the thing, though: I think SotS stands alone pretty well, but I haven’t had many people who haven’t read BA 1 read it and get back to me yet.  It’s got a Twitter-unfriendly name.  And I haven’t found a way to market it on its own independent of BA that I like.  The plot’s not super nutshellable and it doesn’t have a monkey, which half of my most successful Tweets about Skylights have mentioned.  The print edition is an omnibus, and contains both books, so that’s easy– and to date I think I’ve sold more print copies than I have ebook, which is actually kind of astounding.  But the ebook isn’t doing as well as I’d like.

(Reads what he just wrote)

Hell, I’m not even sure that’s true.  I’ve sold fifty copies and the thing’s been out a month.  That’s not bad at all, at least comparing it historically to my other books.  I guess what I’m getting at is I need to learn to figure out how to a) market a series as opposed to an individual book, and b) figure out how to market individual pieces of a series independently of each other.

Which is awesome, because it’s not like I’d mastered marketing for individual books to begin with.

Yay, independent publishing!

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7 thoughts on “So I’ve realized something…

  1. I read somewhere that most indie books sell fewer than 50 copies EVER. That many in the first month is nothing to sneeze at.

    Marketing books is hard. Compared to marketing, editing is EASY.


  2. I had success one time (<<< one time) by tweeting that my second novel in a series could stand alone and had a solid ending, no cliffhangers. But, generally, it’s a lot easier for me to promote and sell book 1 and hope they buy book 2 if they liked it. (Easier =/= More Successful).


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