A note to my real-world friends regarding my books

I have a thing about advice columns.  You may know this about me.  They’re like crack.  I can’t avoid them.  And Dear Prudie dropped this on me today:

Q. I Don’t Like My Friend’s Book: My friend recently self-published his first novel. I bought a copy to support him. I really, really hate to admit it but I didn’t care for it. In fact, I didn’t even finish. I got through half of it before I gave up, read the last couple of pages, and put it down. He needs an editor badly and overall, it just wasn’t well-researched or plotted. In fact, he self-designed the cover in Photoshop. He wants to know if I liked the book, and honestly, I don’t know what to say. On one hand, I don’t want to tear him down because I know how proud he was of writing the book. On the other hand, I feel like he needs to know that he needs to improve on a few things. Is there a way to broach the subject without hurting feelings? Or do I just drop the issue and lie to him?

First things first, actually: don’t buy my book to support me.  Buy my book because you think you might enjoy it.

That said: If you have bought my book to support me, and if upon attempting to read my book you discover you don’t like it, and if I enquire as to your opinion of said book at some point subsequent to your reading it, tell me the truth.  I write science fiction and fantasy.  I am fully aware that my writing is not the preferred genre of any number of my friends even before we get to issues of the quality of my prose.  I need y’all to understand that I live in fear of being an impostor, a fear most writers share.  I would absolutely one hundred percent prefer to know that you didn’t like my writing than to have smoke blown up my butt, and I am more than smart enough to figure it out if you’re trying to be sneaky with your word choices with me.

It will be fine.  I will be fine.  You will be fine.  The phrase you want is “I couldn’t get through it,” or “I couldn’t finish it.”  Say it fast, if you need to; rip the damn Band-Aid off.  I might ask you why, but I probably won’t.  If I do, tell me.  It will be okay.  I have yet to drop a friend because of their opinions on my writing.  It won’t happen with this book, either.

The end.

(And go buy my stupid little book because you will like it, dammit.)

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13 thoughts on “A note to my real-world friends regarding my books

  1. Ahhh another Prudie reader!
    I agree with you; there’s no need to be rude to a friend if you didn’t like their book, but saying “It wasn’t for me” or giving a few bits of constructive criticism would be fine. Though maybe I’ll feel differently when I actually have something published?


  2. Good on you. This makes me think of those girls who wear the wrong makeup (essentially making the look like lipsticked oranges) whose friends/mothers/sisters/other loved ones refrain from telling them they’re wearing the wrong shade…


  3. I always expect honest feedback from readers. More than that I expect it. How else can I improve if I don’t get honest heart-felt feedback? You are most definitely on the top of my list to read. I just haven’t got to it yet. 🙂 And I always leave a review if it’s at least 3 star. if it’s less then 3 that usually means I can’t get through it and I don’t feel comfortable leaving a review on something that I have not read in it’s entirety. Best of luck to you with the new book!

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