Holy whoa

Next comment is number five thousand WHO WILL IT BE?????4482196_orig

21 thoughts on “Holy whoa

    1. Yes, Ray. If it hadn’t been either Rosslyn_Glasses or Gene’O, the whole world would have been plunged into eternal fire.

      This is known.

      Oddly, if it had been dragonflylady77, the world would have been plunged into eternal cheesecake; I’m not sure if that would have been better or worse.

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      1. LOL. Facebook is playing tricks on me. I rushed over here hoping to be the Chosen One and save the world from eternal fire. Discovered a whole conversation occurred while I was doing other things. Oh well. The world is not immolated, thanks to Rosslyn_Glasses, so we can keep playing. And I have 10K to look forward to.

        Also, I have taken to giving generous comment likes on your threads. It just seems to be the right thing to do πŸ˜‰


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