That wasn’t supposed to happen

Had my interview at the other school in my district today.  I know this principal, having worked for him in the past.  I had forgotten what a magnificent salesman he is; the guy had me thinking hey, maybe I want to stay in this district after all after like ten minutes.  There’s a rant in here somewhere about the inequality among our schools; his place has facilities my building simply cannot dream of, which is incredibly frustrating but will be awfully nice anyway once I’m actually there.

Anyway, long story short; if I want to teach fifth grade math and science in his building next year, I’m golden.  On the plus side, for various reasons that I’m not going to go into he can’t actually officially hire me until mid-July, giving me some time to keep looking around at other districts without actually screwing him over.  Then again, if there’s ever been a guy who would accept “Hey, I found something better,” without getting pissy or taking it personal, it’s this guy.  But whatever; I actually prefer having the time before it becomes official.  I’d rather not jerk him around if I don’t have to, y’know?

But, yeah.  An hour of talking and being shown around the building again and he’s got me excited about teaching again all the sudden.  Who knew?

(There will almost certainly be more later.  I’m supposed to be writing, so obviously I’m going to be doing almost anything else.)

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  1. Hopefully, you’ll get the position where you will be the happiest and most useful for students. Good luck! 🙂


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