In which I have no original ideas

…so I’m doing the Post of the Day again:

What are the three most memorable moments — good or bad, happy or sad — in your life? Go!

I actually don’t have a terribly entertaining answer for this, unless it’s possible that it entertains you that it took ten minutes of thinking about it before the birth of my son entered my mind as a possibility.  Maybe the fact that I’m the worst dad in all of human history is funny to people; I dunno.

Other possibilities (screw “three”) in no particular order.  Well, except the first one:

  • Proposing to, and actually marrying, my wife.  Also in the category of “wife” memories: our first kiss, which is a story I ain’t tellin’ here.
  • Finding out, over the phone with my landlord, who I’d given written permission to go through my mail, from three hundred miles away, that I’d gotten into Harvard.
  • Giving the eulogy at my grandfather’s funeral.
  • My first meeting with students as a classroom teacher, which… didn’t go terribly well.
  • My first look at my students on the first day at Hell School in Chicago.
  • Being lifted off the ground and tossed into a blackboard by one of those same students a few months later.
  • Various “first girlfriend” stories that are probably perfectly predictable and I don’t plan to share.
  • Weirdly missing: memories of graduations.  I remember very little of any of the four.
  • Going into Jerusalem by myself while on a post-college dig in Israel, a story that I actually have told here.  Also: spending an evening lying on a beach in Tiberias during that same trip.

I am trying to come up with some that don’t feel like cheating or stereotypes.  May add more to this later.

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12 thoughts on “In which I have no original ideas

  1. I am glad you decided to write about your memorable moments,happy and sad, I found some of them quite funny.
    If you are planning to write more please do,I’d love to read it.


  2. What? I’m interested to know about the “I ain’t tellin” part. Hahah.
    (1) SAD – Witnessing my Dad pass away in 2011. Hospital – Death bed scene. Holding his head. Touching his cool skin.
    (2) HAPPY – Vacation, vacation, vacation
    (3) FUNNY – Story-telling-“a-lie” time with my Dad. The funniest stroke survivor and cancer victim ever.


  3. First, I am seldom referred to as minion, but it is your post
    Three moments that struck terror in my heart & mind, but are things I will think of on my deathbed
    1. Watching/participating in the C-Section delivery of my beautiful Grandson
    2. Sitting/holding/reassuring my grandmother as she passed from this plan of existence to the
    3. The moment when my best friend became my forever


  4. Okay, it was a FIRST kiss…how can that NOT be a story you’d post here? The romance writer wants to know!

    Also kudos! It amazes me that people can be so open to do things like this. I can’t post it. A bit too personal.


  5. Three most memorable moments:
    *Meeting one of my boyfriends. My heart raced, I got butterflies and I fell in love instantly
    *I actually don’t remember this one, but I do. My first day as a classroom teacher (first grade). It was all a blur but I remember the nerves, excitement and wonder in how it would all unfold.
    *Watching my father cry, blubber, splutter, shake and scream when he was depressed. It was so hard because he needed my help but nothing I did or said could help. He kept going from being angry with himself to being collapsed on the floor crying. His skin went from goosebumps to being clammy and sweaty. So hard.


  6. Nice post! So, a minion would like to share her memorable moments to other minions:
    – Happy moment – get accepted with full funding for study in Europe (and because of that I met my Dutchie ;));
    – Exciting plus thrilling moment – scuba diving with 14 nurse sharks in Belize (it was my eight dive and my very first sharks met-up, unforgettable moment that changed my view about sharks and ocean)
    – Sad moments – when my dog in Indonesia went missing (still have no idea where he is until now) and my dog in the Netherlands died because of hit and run accident. I am bit sentimental about my pets..


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