Morning linkeration

…go ahead, lose half an hour staring at these.

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Today was long and boring and depressing and I am kind of done with the very concept of education right now and fuck it here is a picture of a kitty cat:


I may be back later if my mood improves.  Or perhaps not.

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Well, this had better be the worst thing I see this week.

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Not what I expected to be talking about

215523086_nkkr6-XL-2I just, somehow, got sucked into spending half an hour reading this brutal-ass report on everything Olive Garden is doing wrong nowadays.  Warning: it’s a 290-page PDF file.  Second warning:  it is, somehow, despite being full of investorspeak and MBAtalk, startlingly compelling.

And, again, brutal.  Whoever was responsible for putting this together pretty much thinks that everyone who works for or at Olive Garden, or any other restaurant owned by Darden, sucks, as well as all upper management and most of their investors.  And he pulls no punches at all, ever.  What can I say; I love invective in basically all its forms, and this is some great hate going on here.

The funny thing is, while I don’t have any real animus against Olive Garden, I don’t particularly like the place either.  We eat there… yearly?  Twice yearly, maybe?  I’m a fan of Red Lobster, which at least used to be owned by the same people, but doesn’t seem to be anymore, and I don’t think I’ve ever entered a Longhorn Steakhouse.  So it wouldn’t be any real skin off my back if Olive Garden went under.  I know some people who might be upset, I suppose.  I’m not one of them.

I might miss the Penny Arcade comics, I guess.


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I’ve decided to start doing periodic– maybe once or twice per month– reminders on the main page of the blog of the various places I can be found on the Interwebs.   I pick up 50 or so new followers a week and my Twitter account is pretty active too, so it’s probably a useful thing for new readers.  Regular folks, if you see the STATION IDENTIFICATION tag, feel free to ignore it.

So here’s where to find Luther Siler on the interwebtron:


  • You can follow me on Twitter, @nfinitefreetime, here.  I am on Twitter pretty frequently as I use it for whining while I’m writing in the mornings.  I generally follow back if I can tell you’re a human being.
  • I’m starting to try and use Goodreads more often too.  My author page is here; I am accepting any and all friend requests at the moment.
  • And, of course, you’re already at, my blog.  You can click here to be taken to a random post.


  • Feel free to Like the (sadly underutilized) Luther Siler Facebook page here.



  • I’ve created two new social media accounts lately, and I’m not sure how well-known the sites are, but I’m including them here anyway. You can order my books through Koobug here, and my page is here.


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