Not that you asked, but…

I have been gone all day on account of honest to goodness Sekrit Bizness that at the moment I am unable to divulge to other mortal hoo-manz. If you are immortal or a reptilian, let me know and I may give hints.

Also: omgtired. And I bought a PS4. Which I have no time at all to play.

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Terrible Decisions: So far so good


The left wall is completed except for the bullnose edge, which is going to be a piece of cake, and the larger middle wall is well along its way– the gap in between it and the walls on the left and right are all tiles that have to be cut to size.  We are figuring that we’ll spend the evening after the boy goes to bed cutting tiles and then we’ll actually finish the job later this week.  I hung nineteen tiles today, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but shit, I’m exhausted.  Bek has been trying to cut the tile, which is turning out to be hellishly complicated, and we’ve each ruined a couple of them trying to get it done right.

One more day ought to do it, though.

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In which my day refuses to start

Hellaciously busy evening last night; I didn’t get home from OtherJob until after midnight, then got up a bit after 8 this morning and spent some time lying on the couch and moaning.

Most of today will be spent tiling, and I mean that f’reals this time, since the measuring that took up most of Thursday is already done.  One big difference: today will involve cutting tile, which gives us a whole new way to screw stuff up.

So… whee?


Pictures and the usual as the job goes on.  Or, y’know, the sudden ending of all life on Earth.

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In which awesome things are awesome

The most excellent D. Emery Bunn took an ereader along with him on a plane ride and this happened.  An excerpt:

I was too busy chuckling to myself and thinking “I hope he keeps this up, I need more Douglas Adams style humor in the books I read.” And then it was over. Scumbag short story collection, cutting off and making me want to read the next thing. You hear that, Luther? Write and publish the next one already, before I force you to read it to me personally.

Want a way to guarantee it’s gonna be a good day?  Get compared to Douglas fucking Adams.  Wheee!  Reviews with threats in them are the best kind!

Give in to inevitability, join the kool kidz, and download The Benevolence Archives, Vol. 1 from the retailer of your choice.  99 cents!:

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Awesome female characters: an addendum

This was gonna get scheduled for later this afternoon, but the post I wanted to write this morning sort of fell apart in the writing, so I’ll do it now.  I totally forgot somebody yesterday:

Unknown11.  Helen Parr/Elastigirl (THE INCREDIBLES)

The Incredibles is one of my favorite movies, and the announcement that it’s finally, finally getting a sequel caused no end of glee around here.  I still can’t figure out how making it didn’t cause Marvel to sue the hell out of Pixar, who wasn’t owned by Disney yet in 2004, because it’s transparently a rip-off of the Fantastic Four, only they made the Human Torch a baby and brought in the Flash instead.  I mean, hell, their daughter combines invisibility and force fields as her powers.  Those two things do not naturally go together!  Give me a break, here!

Whatever; it’s the best Fantastic Four movie ever made, so I don’t care.  But this is supposed to be about Elastigirl.  She’s got the second-best moment in the movie.  For the first, oh, third to half of the film or so, she’s kind of portrayed as a wet rag, content to blend in and have a home life and just be quiet, and other than her desire to be rooted for once in their lives she’s kind of a naggy, boring sort of character.  She’s a soccer mom.  Soccer moms aren’t supposed to be interesting.

And then she discovers that Bob is off on an island somewhere, and she decides to go after him.  And her kids sneak on board the plane with her, and she finds them– just after deciding that maybe she needs to have that superhero costume on after all.

(Goes and looks)  Oh, hell, it’s on YouTube:

I love, love, love this moment.  She’s literally talking to her babysitter at the beginning of the clip.  Full Mom mode.  Then she notices the missiles, and bam.  The superhero in her takes over like it’s a goddamned second personality, and for the rest of the movie Helen Parr is a ninja.  You really have no idea what she’s all about until this point in the movie; you’ve seen her flirt with Bob for a few minutes at the very beginning of the movie and then next to nothing until now, when you suddenly figure out that not only is she really is the Mr. Fantastic of the family– she’s the smart one, too, and there is a ton of stuff that she’s better at than her husband.

I kinda wish the clip started about a minute earlier and ended about a minute later, after she’s explained to her kids exactly how they’re going to survive the mess they’ve found themselves in– because the integration of the “mom” personality into the “superhero” personality is really interesting– but god do I love this character.

And, yeah, second favorite moment.  The fifth through seventh seconds of this clip are my favorite moment in the movie:

(Also: I don’t remember who suggested Veronica Mars, but I totally should have included her, too.  I thought about Sarah Connor but I already had Ripley, and they struck me as real similar, so I just kept Ripley.  Also, Starbuck.)

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