A thought

Changing phones and changing phone service providers is incredibly annoying when you have two-factor authentication turned on for every device and service you have.

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There we go

Been waiting all day for this baby.


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I got two new toys today

And the second one isn’t even here yet!


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A couple of things

  1. no-bullshitWent ahead and installed iOS 8 on the old phone despite the fact that the new phone shows up tomorrow.  No particular feelings about it at the moment; cosmetically it’s about the same.  I think I’m going to grow to like the predictive text feature and the HealthKit app scares the crap out of me.
  2. I am fully aware that every employed person in the world thinks that their job is either entirely bullshit or at least contains elements that are bullshit, but I swear to you that there is no bullshit more bullshitty and lame and insulting than education-related professional development.  It cost a thousand dollars plus just for the hotel rooms for my team to attend this required PD today and within fifteen minutes of the start of the thing they were asking grown people with Master’s degrees to stand up in front of a roomful of people and put napkins on their heads.  I have decided I am going to start to be actively rude when asked to participate in this sort of nonsense.  My salary costs taxpayers too much for these fuckers to waste my time.
  3. That said, the beds at the Hilton Garden Inn in Fishers, Indiana are outstanding.  I want one in my house.  And the sheets, and the comforter.  I have seriously never slept so well in a hotel bed.  I didn’t want to get up this morning at all.

Tomorrow will also be quiet, as I’m double-shifting and won’t have time to write, and right now I don’t have an early morning post scheduled.  However, big thing coming on Saturday to make up for it.

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View from my hotel window



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