In which I am Not an Asshole: a brief true story

UnknownThe wife and I just got back from a brief shopping trip that included a stop at Barnes and Noble.  This is an educator discount week (25% off of everything) so it was worth it to putter around a little bit.  At some point I overheard someone a few aisles away bitching vociferously about people spreading spoilers about Game of Thrones.  Bitching loudly enough, in fact, that she would have herself spoiled the events of the Purple Wedding to anyone around her had they been nearby and not wanted to know.

In a fucking bookstore.  Where the actual books were no more than fifteen to twenty feet away.

I did not start loudly shouting plot events from the next two books.

But I wanted to.

I figure someone owes me candy for bein’ civilized.

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In which I am perfect…ly lazy

Three-day weekend for both the wife and I, but the boy’s day care is open, meaning that we could drop him off and attend to any number of Things What Needed Doing around the house; I had a long mental list of same.

My activities since getting back from day care this morning:

  1. Watched an hour of Deadwood;
  2. Watched an hour of Orphan Black;
  3. Took a shower;
  4. Read about 80 pages of a book;
  5. Took a nap.

Condition:  Winning.

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I… wait, what?

I’m not good on gender/sexuality issues, okay?  I admit it.  I’m trying to get better about this stuff but half the time just keeping track of the pronouns and the prefixes and the abbreviations is so fucking exhausting that I just try and default to “leave everyone the hell alone” and try not to worry about it beyond that.

But… okay, the author of this article is being a prat, right?  A word that I very carefully chose because as far as I can tell it’s gender-neutral while still being insulting?  I want to take real problems seriously but I don’t think you get to simultaneously complain that 1) you use the ladies’ room because you feel safe in there and 2) you are constantly assaulted in the ladies’ room because you don’t look like a lady.  Those shouldn’t both be true.  And apparently this person identifies as trans, but is biologically female and not looking to transition, which is the part where my lack of knowledge screws me up because I thought “trans” meant you were biologically female but wanted to present as male (or vice versa) which… once you’ve made the decision to go out of your house looking like a man, should mean “just use the damn men’s room, nobody makes fucking eye contact in there anyway?”  Right?  I think?

(Men do not talk to each other in the men’s room.  You could be a goddamned three-legged blue-skinned space alien with an echidna dick and so long as you didn’t try and peer over the damn stall dividers ain’t nobody gonna look at you.  This is known!)

Somebody help me out here and let me know what I’m missing.

(EDIT: relevant detail:  I have been a man with long hair, long enough and curly enough that I’ve been addressed as “ma’am” by people who weren’t approaching me from the right angle to see my beard.  Never had a single second of trouble with anyone in a men’s room.  I call bullshit on the “every long-haired male” line.)

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Oh shit I almost forgot

I confiscated this little gem from one of my girls today.  It’s behind a jump because it’s crazily, hilariously NSFW; you want to click through, though, trust me:

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All we wanna do is get by today, heyyyyy

I tried to wake up optimistic today:

It didn’t work terribly well, to be honest; I spent most of my morning shower intermittently cursing like a psychotic at students who, needless to say, were not in the shower with me (left as an exercise to the reader: would it have been better if they were?) and did not walk into the building in anything remotely resembling a good mood.

I dunno.  It got better.  Today was a big day; one of the things that ensured that I was actually hauling my ass into work despite any number of reasons to not want to was the district walkthrough we had today; hordes of muckety-mucks from downtown that spent the morning roving around and comparing the decorations on the wall to a long, complicated checklist of things that they wanted to see.  These types of walkthroughs are always about what’s on the walls, not what’s going on in between them; needless to say, my principal claims that good things were said about me and my classroom at the follow-up meeting he had to go to this afternoon.  So, yeah, there’s that.

I am trying to decide if I want to go on a lengthy rant about how ridiculous it is that I have tomorrow off.  Don’t get me wrong; despite Monday and today going relatively well, Tuesday and Wednesday were shitty enough to relegate the entire week to insanely shitty status, and that all by itself makes me perfectly happy to have this only be a four-day week.  Plus, while both my wife (a state employee) and I have tomorrow off, day care is open.  So we get a day together without the boy, which is wonderful.  So I’m not complaining, except for the part where I think it’s genuinely insane that everything’s closed.  I’ll grant that I’m not super in touch with Christian culture but they don’t even seem to care about Good Friday all that much and it certainly doesn’t have the nearly-secular-by-now status that, say, Christmas has.  Easter does, but that’s on a Sunday.  Why the hell is this a federal holiday?  Today’s Holy Thursday; we don’t have that off.  Is Good Friday only specialer because it’s Friday, so everybody figures what the hell?  Especially when we’re going to have to be in school until June 15 or whatever because of the snow days?


I’m still gonna enjoy sleeping in; I still haven’t really recovered from the goddamn DC trip.  But I’m going to be pissy about it while I’m enjoying it.

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